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Lilly in Omaha

Top notch martial arts for any age. Very structured and professional. I purchased classes for my son who is 6, and when the class was over, he was so upset he didnt want to leave. Never taken martial arts prior, and the instructor led him into the group as if he had been in the class for weeks.

D Fago reviewed West Omaha Martial Arts
via Facebook

I'm not joking when I tell you that she's a completely different person since starting. The constant bullying had almost crumbled her to bits. Now she's getting stronger and more confident each and every day. It's been a true blessing to get to watch her grow like this. #proudmom

Sami Broyles reviewed West Omaha Martial Arts
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My son Eli was having a hard time in school with behavior and respecting himself and others. He was always fighting, mouthing off, and just being super aggressive. I did my homework and made the choice to enroll him in Mr.G's class for a year!!. We are 3 months in and Mr.G has personally taken Eli under his wing and has made a huge positive impact in my son's life! Eli has had 95% or above days for the last 2 months in school and at home. he is a totally different kid now, he is happier and healthier!! thank you for all of your help shaping Eli into a respectful young man.

Neil Weide reviewed West Omaha Martial Arts
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Instruction is made simple enough for the kids to understand and yet kept at a fun/energetic pace to keep interest. They learn a lot and have fun. Students are taught in group setting, but regularly receive one-on-one teaching and interaction. Great experience for kids and fun for parents to watch progress and excitement.

Amber Lynne Nordstrom reviewed West Omaha Martial Arts
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My son has been in taekwondo almost a full year and absolutely loves it :) Mr and Mrs G are very kind and understanding instructors who offer a multitude of solutions to help children of all age ranges master the art of taekwondo. The older students that help the younger classes are always super friendly and up beat. The thing about this facility is it doesn't feel like you're in school cramming before a big test. Your kid is having fun and at the same time learning a beautiful and ancient form of self defense!

Olive Ann Brown reviewed West Omaha Martial Arts
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We love this program for our 5yo son. In addition to the great exercise, my child is being taught self responsibility and appreciation. At home we talk about his actions and whether or not it’s something a black belt leader would do (would Mr. G be proud of you for doing this?). There are lots of helping hands and instructors on the mats helping to teach the class which means that every student gets attention and instruction. It’s a 25minute drive for us but I wouldn’t switch my son to another program because this one is perfect for our son!

Skyler Archer reviewed West Omaha Martial Arts
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Love what my son has learned here. Amazing staff that keeps the kids on task and accountable. Great ratio of instructors to students and always learning new things while having fun!

Adrian De Silva reviewed West Omaha Martial Arts
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Noel is an awesome Instructor who really cares about each student that walks into the doors here. this is the best school in the area!

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Could Your Kids Survive?


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